Now you can make the move to lean processes in the way that works best for your business.

In the shift to a global, customer-centered economy, manufacturers must be more responsive in order to thrive. How quickly and efficiently can you change your processes to meet changing demands?

Ultriva is leading the way toward more efficient lean business practices with a practical, automated approach. We are focused on helping businesses like yours to improve collaboration and drive streamlined processes through demand and supply—removing the traditional tiers that can slow down your operations. We do it with an execution platform that facilitates the flow of information and materials across boundaries to give you complete visibility while making better use of your time and resources.

Our modular, web-based tools are designed to complement and extend the value of the businesses systems you already have in place, such as MRP and/or ERP. Deploy them quickly in your high-impact areas—whether in finished goods, raw materials replenishment, or production management, and get an immediate improvement across the board.

By going lean your business can become more responsive to real-time market demands. And will ultimately help you reduce costs, improve on time delivery, increase customer satisfaction, and make your profits grow.

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Moving to Kanban
Ultriva helps you make the move to Kanban in practical and incremental steps.

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The system is the foundation for "Leaning" the supply chain throughout the Rexnord business. The integration of Ultriva as a key business process is shortening the lead-time, reduce inventories and has reduced supply chain scheduling.

V.P. Operations
Rexnord Corporation
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