Product Features : Ultriva Products at-a-glance
(Self Service
supply chain)
Lean Supply
(Supplier Kanban and SBR)
(Customer and DC Kanban)
Lean Factory
(Internal Kanban)
Lean Assessment
Kanban Board  
Inventory Health Check – Proactively identifying stock outs by categorizing parts as Red, Yellow and Green  
Real time visibility across the supply/demand chain  
Guaranteeing no lost or duplicate cards through closed loop replenishment  
Support for Corded or Cordless Scanners  
Support for RF and wireless scanners    
Business Calendar support (Customers or Suppliers)  
Shipping Rules to support weekly shipments or milk-runs    
Remote Label printing (Thermal, LaserJet and others)  
Run Line Support for monument processing  
Production Sequencing at Cell Level        
Production Capacity Calculation        
Optimizing schedules based on setups and customer want date        
Collaborating with suppliers using MRP Schedules        
Collaborating with Customers/DC using Kanban        
Collaborating with Suppliers using Kanban Signals      
Inter Plant collaboration with in a business      
Inter Work Cell collaboration with in a factory floor        
Supplier Performance  
Cycle Time Measurements for continuous improvements  
Inventory Aging Alerts  
Virtual Kanban Support    
Auto Resizing of Kanban based on history, moving averages or Forecasts    
Inventory Savings Report    
Role based user Authorization  
Custom Role definition    
Kanban Sizing
Enabling Suppliers      
Enabling customer and distribution centers        
Enabling internal work cells and work areas        
Customizable Kanban Labels    
Setting up Kanban loops using cards  
Auto generation of Exception Alerts (late shipment, short/excess shipment, higher or lower consumptions, etc.)  
Advanced Rule Template Configuration    
Simulation and Analysis
Assessing MRP Inventory through back simulation of historical data        
Superimposing Kanban to identify potential savings        
Calculating Average consumption, S/X ratio (variability of consumption) and safety stock        
Perform what if analysis by varying lead times, lot sizes and service levels to get the optimal Kanban sizing        
Pre-built interfaces for P.Os. Work Orders, Production and inventory transactions, MRP orders and data synch.    
Proven ERP Interfaces – Oracle, BPCS,MAPICS, CINCOM, JD Edwards, PRMS, AS 400 based legacy systems etc.    
ERP interfacing using manual File based uploads and downloads      
ERP interfacing using automated integration server for end-to-end integration    
SaaS (Software As A Service) Architecture
SaaS Architecture for customers to host    
Role and Action based Application Architecture  
Value Stream Driven Material Flow  
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Moving to Kanban
Ultriva helps you make the move to Kanban in practical and incremental steps.

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The system is the foundation for "Leaning" the supply chain throughout the Rexnord business. The integration of Ultriva as a key business process is shortening the lead-time, reduce inventories and has reduced supply chain scheduling.

V.P. Operations
Rexnord Corporation
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