Ultriva's Finished Goods Replenishment (FGR) capabilities will help you link your plants directly with your distribution centers and your customers. You can establish a material flow loop between each distribution tier and then remove the tiers over time to make direct contact and increase pipeline visibility. Whether your company is producing to stock or to actual customer demand, this module will help you move closer to your lean objectives:
  • Facilitate plant collaboration to get real time customer demand signals
  • Size inventory at your customer and/or at distribution centers
  • Track the on-time- delivery performance
  • Track the plant delivery performance
  • Clearly understand material availability at each of your distribution centers
  • Gain full visibility into the status of your customer orders
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Moving to Kanban
Ultriva helps you make the move to Kanban in practical and incremental steps.

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100+ Plants
  • Agco Tractors
  • AoSmith
  • ATK
  • CareFusion
  • CNH
  • Dover
  • Dresser
  • Emerson
  • Ingresoll-Rand
  • Johnson Controls
  • Koyo
  • LifeFitness
  • Magellan
  • McKesson
  • PCTel
  • Rexnord
  • SpiraxSarco
  • Trane
The system is the foundation for "Leaning" the supply chain throughout the Rexnord business. The integration of Ultriva as a key business process is shortening the lead-time, reduce inventories and has reduced supply chain scheduling.

V.P. Operations
Rexnord Corporation
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